The mysterious mansion in Fuerteventura stars in ‘The History Channel’

When I originally started this blog I added anything that took my interest, however as time has passed I find myself sticking more and more to Tenerife. Nevertheless as the saying goes, a change is always good, and I found the following interesting, it relates to Fuerteventura.

A house in the middle of nowhere enveloped in a thousand legends. So is the house of Winter, in Cofete, Fuerteventura. A mansion built in the 1940s by the German engineer Gustav Winter at the top of a mountain with breath taking, unspoiled views, and a secluded beach at Cofete. In the past, thousands of stories developed speculating about alleged links between the mansion and the Nazi regime, including the theory that the house was used for hiding officials who had fled after the war. Now the Winter mansion, owned by the Canarian Lopesan Hotel Group, is the venue chosen by the American TV channel ‘The History Channel’ to shoot in the Canarias part of a series of eight episodes on the role the Spanish played in World War II.

The town and the Winter house will be starring in one of the episodes, entitled ‘Hunting history’ (‘A hunting story’) and in this case explores events that took place in Spain during the Second War World. Involved in the shooting are Lenny Depaul and Gerard Williams, historians who visited the Canary Islands accompanied by Jaime Rosales Rubio, author of Nazi submarines and archaeology in the Canaries.

In the case of the Winter house, the History Channel “speculate about the life of former owner Gustav Winter as a secret agent who lived in that area of ​​Fuerteventura” after building the mysterious mansion.

Thirteen people form the crew for the documentary series, with more than 13 cameras and a drone that took aerial pictures of the beach, the town, and the surroundings of the unique landscape of Cofete that are used. The crew moved to Cofete after shooting elsewhere in the underground tunnels of Manuel Lois in Gran Canaria’s capital, which has also woven a rich theory about its role as a store of weapons allegedly serving the interests of the Nazis.

After the Canary Islands, the production team plans to continue its work in Colombia and Brazil to finish shooting the series, the History Channel intends showing the programme in the United States between September and October this year.  Source: ATC Press

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