The Pope sends message via Canaries Air Traffic Control


Pope Francis has sent a message to the Spanish people and the royal family through the Canary Air Traffic Controllers while flying from Paraguay to Rome. The Pope travelling on an Alitalia plane contacted the control centre and asked for their assistance to send a message to wish the best for the people and the Royal Family.

It has become tradition, that the Pope ask the audience (in this case the Canaries Control Centre) to send a message during the flyby, without interfering with the channel used for transmitting air traffic control instructions. The Pope’s message, which must be recorded by the control centre for later transmission is then sent to the Head of State. Generally, it is the Pope himself who speaks the message, which is transmitted once during the flyby of Spanish airspace, and it is therefore the Canaries Centre that receives it when flights are from Latin America.

This is not the first time the Pope has sent messages of this nature to the Canary Islands Control Centre, whose remit includes control of Atlantic airspace on a stretch called Eursam, the air corridor linking Europe with Latin America.

On Sunday Pope Francisco ended his trip to several Latin American countries, including Bolivia, where true to his habit of approaching the daily life of the most disadvantaged and poor of the earth, he visited the prison Palmasola, with nearly 4,300 inhabitants and is considered the most violent and corrupt prison of Latin America.

Before heading back to Rome, the pope also visited two of the poorest suburbs of the capital of Paraguay, where he criticized “the liar faith” of those who call themselves practicing Christians, but then do not deal with the problems of the disadvantaged. Source: ATC Press


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