MACEW. Museum of Contemporary Art Puerto de la Cruz

The Museum of Contemporary Art Eduardo Westerdahl is on the top floor of Customs House, a jewel of architecture portuense, located next to the fishing pier of the city. The house was built for private use by the Franchy family in 1620 and then leased to the Royal Treasury, who settled there until 1833.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the port of La Orotava (today Puerto de la Cruz) was the main port for the export of agricultural products from Tenerife, so the Customs House played a major role as a meeting point for traders and people from the more liberal bourgeoisie of the island.

The permanent exhibition consists of about 60 pieces, divided into four rooms, among which are important authors from the Canary Islands such as Oscar Dominguez, César Manrique, Manolo Millares, Juan Ismael, Pedro Gonzalez;Ferran artists such as Angel, Eduardo Úrculo and international artists.

The MACEW will, in the future, its location in Nuevo Parque San Francisco, Puerto de la Cruz.

EDUARDO Westerdahl And ORAMAS (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1902-1983)

Eduardo Westerdahl was a key figure in Canarian culture as an artist belonging to Surrealism, as a writer and art critic and as introducer of innovative artistic currents in the archipelago.

He was director of the International Tenerife culture magazine Gaceta de Arte, which is one of the main journals of the Spanish and European avant-garde movement. In the seventies, as a member of the Culture Committee of the College of Architects of the Canary Islands, Eduardo Westerdahl worked for the First International Sculpture in the street Exhibition, much of whose works can still be enjoyed in Santa Cruz.

The above was originally published in vive el norte

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