Santa Cruz to promote the adoption of animals

Following several threads yesterday, discussing the treatment of animals on Tenerife Forum Community, it was interesting to read the following.  Let’s just hope it is a move in the right direction.

The councillor for Environment and Health of the City of Santa Cruz, Carlos Correa, explained the launch of a campaign to promote the adoption of animals in the capital of Tenerife.

“We intend to raise public awareness about the benefits of adopting a pet, firstly because we are saving on animals collected after being abandoned but also to launch a message of animal protection”.

The campaign whose slogan is “Adopt” has already begun and is quite noticeable in more than 20 locations where posters have been placed. These are located in areas near the municipal parks and in different neighbourhoods of the city. “The important thing is to know that if we can’t take care of an animal there are alternatives that are humane and sustainable,” Correa said.

Within the same initiative, there is a message for all people who cannot adopt an animal, enabling and encouraging them to make a donation “but mostly we help raise awareness,” concluded the mayor.

Source: Santa Cruz Notices

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One Response to Santa Cruz to promote the adoption of animals

  1. Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady says:

    That´s a wonderful step in the right direction. What gets me though is that this is not done nationwide, or even *worldwide*. It should not just be done in one City or one State or one Country, but globally. If only the whole planet could just agree on it – yes, I´m a dreamer, but in the meantime, let´s keep working on it!

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