Bathing and other activities in the sea

With the hot weather at the moment, the Canaries Government have issued the following advice.  Screenshot

The Canaries have many beaches in which to enjoy the sea and its scenery. In order to enjoy the seaside, we should bear in mind the following recommendations:

  • We must choose well the type of beach we visit, depending on whether we can swim, on our age and whether we are going to the seaside with children, who must be supervised constantly.
  • If we are not competent swimmers, or if we are visiting the seaside as a family, we should choose a calm, accessible beach that has a lifeguard.
  • We should remember to check if any weather warnings are in force, via the @112canarias twitter feed, the media or by asking at your hotel.
  • If any warnings are in force, it is advisable to postpone going to the seaside for another day.
  • Never dive into shallow water.
  • Do not bathe after consuming alcohol or taking drugs.
  • On windy days or in areas with strong currents, never use inflatable lilos or flotation rings, which may drift away from the shore.
  • If you see a bather in difficulty, do not attempt to rescue him/her, but call immediately the emergency services on 1-1-2 and, if possible, throw towards the bather anything that might act as a buoyancy aid.

On beaches that are not signposted and do not have a lifeguard:

  • Do not bathe alone; go to the beach accompanied.
  • Ask the locals or any surfers which parts of the beach are dangerous.
  • Enter the water slowly, keeping a check on the depth; swim parallel to the shore at a depth you can stand in, especially if there are seaward currents.

On beaches that have a lifeguard:

  • It is important to be aware of any designated watersports areas.
  • Remember: a green flag means that we can bathe; a yellow flag means we can do so, but with care; and a red flag means that we must not enter the sea.
  • It is important to remain alert to any advice issued by the lifeguard, and to heed all warnings.
  • If you are in difficulty or feel unwell, try to leave the water; if you are unable to, wave your arms to draw the attention of others, and remain calm.

Through this advice, we hope that you will be able to enjoy with peace of mind your leisure time by the sea in the Canary Islands.

The Canaries Government provides more information on its website, the @112canarias twitter feed and, during alerts, via the 012 telephone number. Please note: dial 112 for emergencies only.


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