Tenerife wines are promoted under the slogan ‘Vuelve al origen’

The council has launched a campaign to promote the wines of Tenerife to be held in various media to encourage people to consume the wines produced on the island.

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Under the slogan ‘Vuelve al origen’, the campaign’s main objective is to strengthen the marketing of Tenerife wines and expanding the knowledge about the prestige of the wines of Tenerife, its quality and contrasting regions of origin. The concept is based around the idea of ​​returning to the things done calmly, with care and soul, to the flavours and smells of home and to encourage people to consume local wine.

The initiative particularly wants to target new consumers and attract young people and has the support of the Regulatory Boards of Abona, Güímar, Orotava Valley, and Tacoronte-Acentejo.

The campaign, which will have a second wave from September, will use various media such as billboards and posters that will be distributed to wineries, bars, restaurants, wine outlets and supermarkets, the web and social networks as well newspapers and radio.

Source El Blog of Eroz

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