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Beach upgrade – the Costa Torviscas concession company have contributed to the 600,000 euro investment in improvements in bathing and leisure zones

Torviscas and La Enramada beaches have a new look – fresher, more dynamic, more modern. The investment, with substantial contribution made by the Costa Torviscas concession company, has seen improvements in the bathing and leisure zones. The changes were all carried out within the integrated reform plan for the borough. Recently the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, accompanied by Miguel Ángel Rondón (Costa Torviscas) and the tourism councillor Rafael Dolado García, viewed the changes to the beaches which are now 100% accessible along wooden walkways, with specific zones for those with reduced mobility, adapted bathrooms, sunbeds, Wi-Fi access, sporting areas, and a monitored area for children over 3.

The mayor said, “the business sector has shown an excellent level of dedication to the services they are providing for the beaches. We are working together to provide a regeneration and renewal of key points in the borough, the beaches of Torviscas and Enramada, bathing areas that are very popular with both tourists and residents.

He added, “alongside cleaning and better integration of services, one of the most important matters is improving accessibility, excellent service presentation, as well as introducing technology elements which are helping develop the borough as an intelligent destination with global access.”Rondón said, “we are offering an integrated service to each and every tourist and resident, working to ensure that people come to the beaches, enjoy themselves, and return”: Souce: English Time Adeje

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