Walking with Water

I feel I am slipping into true Tinerfeños mode as I give notice of something that is actually taking place today!  Nevertheless it looks worthwhile and at least the event hasn´t quite taken place.
ruta del agua adeje I

This Sunday, and coinciding with World Water Day 2015 Adeje will celebrate the ‘Ruta del Agua’, or Water Route, which is designed to remind people of the important role water has to play in the past of the local Adeje society.

According to the local cultural councillor, Nayra Medina Bethencourt, “the heritage of the town has many aspects, we can see it on our streets, in the centre of Adeje, in the Convento de San Francisco, the Casa Fuerte (town fort), and the modern Plaza de España, as well as the Barranco del Infierno. This project is under the Adeje Together umbrella, involving the whole community, give the multicultural nature of the Adeje society which has grown in recent years and is directly involved in building the Adeje of the future.”

Anyone who would like to participate in the event, which is free, can sign up at the CDTCA. The starting point is the Plaza de España at 10.30am. During the event people will be able to find out more about the role water played in the development and evolution of Adeje, the borough with the largest number of natural springs in the island. Throughout the centuries water and how it has been controlled and channelled has played its part in the social and political evolution of the area. Find out more on Sunday.

ruta del agua adeje II

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