Bahia Beach – Palm Mar


On Thursday evening, Jim and I went to the opening of the new Bahia Beach Club in Palm Mar. The owners, of my favourite restaurant in the area, the Sea Lounge and Cafe Mencey have come together to provide what can only be described as a ‘Touch of Class’ to what has for so many years been a very poor excuse for a beach in this mainly residential village.

The setting they have picked for the bar is the best spot on the ‘beach’. The views across to Las Americas are breath taking particularly when the sun is setting.

Even in the opposite direction looking towards the fish farms if you are lucky, as we were last night you can see the dolphins.  I first noticed a fin coming out of the water and then another and another. Were they getting an easy meal or were they looking at the crowds of people all wearing red and white enjoying the evening and the entertainment in this magical location.

Magical sounds a bit poncey but class and style don´t come cheap (well they did at the opening) neither do attentive and it has to be said attractive staff.  Talking to people, it would seem that a beer is €4 and a sun bed up to €35.  I just hope there are enough people wanting to escape the tattoos and chips brigade and willing to pay for the pleasure – after all you can´t have it all and  it’s been a long time coming to Tenerife

Finally if anyone has their eye on the furniture that would look good on many a person’s patio don´t be tempted because as well as the guards and dogs – you are being watched from above!!!


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6 Responses to Bahia Beach – Palm Mar

  1. as above says:

    26th September. Sandra & John, Maria & Chas from Silencio just had lunch at the upmarket Bahia Beach in Palm Mar we were all pleasantly surprised, hope they do well but have my doubts that enough people will use it.

  2. Deborah says:

    I am about to come on holiday to palm mar and this looks great 35 euros is a good price and I would really enjoy it good luck and we are looking forward to coming

  3. ceejayblue says:

    It looks lovely Meryl, I wish them every success. x

  4. lorna says:

    It looks lovely and I truly hope it does well for them but I really wonder who is going to pay 35 euros for a bed ?
    It’s in a residential area and I can’t imagine the residents paying that nor the Spanish that use the beach either ?
    I actually liked the beach as it was . I liked watching the Spanish families arrive with their bbqs and tents and their huge baskets of food.
    I hope they still will.
    But as I said wish them the very best. Because Palm Mar needs all the input it can get.

    • ceejayblue says:

      If its a shared bed then €35 between a group of people isn’t that much, in Marbella’s Ocean Beach Club the beds are €100 each before you even start adding the drinks and snacks into the equation!

    • Patricia & Brian says:

      Having watched this project grow since January this year, unfortunately we were disappointed that we were not able to attend the official opening night. However, we will soon be returning to Palm Mar and cannot wait to enjoy the Bahia Beach Club and its facilities in September. We believe that this project will be good for Palm Mar and we are looking forward to sampling its pleasurable location. Patricia & Brian

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