Taking a taxi – what’s in the price!

A complaint that sometimes crops up from holiday makers is they feel that taxi drivers are  “ripping them off” as the fares they pay for what they believe is the same journey can often differ in price. Talking to Keith an acquaintance who lives in the Canary Islands he gave the following explanation, which I asked if I could share, because having lived here a long(ish) while this is ALL NEWS TO ME!!

List of Extras – There are others this is not a comprehensive list but all charges are regulated by the local Ayuntamiento and published on their website.

  • Did you flag him down? If so the driver can legally add a surcharge, although they don’t always.
  • If you actually board a taxi at the rank there is no additional charge.
  • Picking up after being pre-ordered can legally incur additional costs.
  • He can also charge for the distance travelled from where he received the call to your pick up point
  • An additional charge may be made for any action that causes the driver to leave the vehicle such as assisting you with your luggage, opening the boot etc. In my experience taxi drivers do this automatically and I have never been aware of any charging extra.
  • Luggage is chargeable per item (this includes shopping bags/wheelchairs/buggies etc.)
  • All animals whether in a cage or not
  • Any soiling /damage caused to the driver or vehicle
  • It is also prohibited to consume any food or drink in the vehicle

In other words very similar to the charges any cabbie in the UK can make.

If you have any doubts at all read the fare-chart displayed in front of the passenger seat in all taxis that explains all the extras a driver can charge.

Below is a list of current prices, that are on display at Reina Sofia airport (Tenerife South) these have not increased in a long time, at least two years to my knowledge so in the current economic climate perhaps a slight increase would be in order, but if in doubt double check the board for your location.

Interesting stuff – next time you think I didn´t pay that fare last time, am I being ripped off, take a moment to consider are all the circumstances identical because a slight change can mean a difference in price.

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2 Responses to Taking a taxi – what’s in the price!

  1. ullalaaa says:

    There is also a Sunday and bank holiday extra fee:) Ask for a receipt so it is less likely that they would cheat you since you would be able to make a complain…

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