World Toilet Day

I have just received the following from Adeje Ayto. and have been asked to circulate this release from Aqualia although World Toilet Day was on 19th November.

That’s right World Toilet Day but it isn’t a joke – according to the United Nations, “Worldwide, 4.5 billion people live without ‘safely managed sanitation’ and around 892 million people practise open defecation.”  In partnership with local water company Entemanser the Adeje council have issued a short video and reminders of what should and should not be flushed down the toilet.  It’s a reminder that what gets flushed down can, if not appropriate, cause blockages, and environmental harm.

A poster of the toilet “dos and don’ts” has been posted on the doors of all the schools in the borough.  According to the councillor for municipal services, Carmen Rosa González  Cabrera, “with these actions we are raising public awareness, reminding people that you can’t simply throw anything you want down the toilet.  An accumulation of tissues and towels can cause blockages in communal pipe systems and have a huge environmental impact.  It is up to each one of us to see that our use of home sanitation systems doesn’t contribute to a deterioration in our environment”.

Every day sanitation workers report an increasing amount of materials in the sanitation network that are causing contamination and blockages. These include wet wipes and towels, cotton buds and other materials that should never be flushed down the toilet.  The cost of clearing wet wipes and towels alone costs between 50-100 million euros in Europe annually.

It’s not just these products that harm the environment – vegetable oils and grease, medicines and cosmetics, paints, and many other products flushed away are harming the environment as well as your pipes.  Did you know it is estimated that one litre of oil can contaminate up to 1,000 litres of water?

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Weather 21st November 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

The morning is grey and it is raining. Not heavy but a light drizzle that if you are indoors you only notice when you see the ground is wet. It isn’t unexpected though. As of today the Canary Islands have been told to expect unstable weather conditions until Friday.

There is another front approaching from the north, which is why La Palma will be the first to feel the weather change, and why the General Directorate for Security and Emergencies, has declared, as of 07:00am an amber alert situation for rain. The storm, which it is being called due to the heavy rain and cold polar air is expected to reach the rest of the islands as of Thursday 22nd and will mainly affect Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The strongest rainfall will affect the north and east of both Islands.

Yesterday turned out like the height of summer, temperatures (in the sun) hit 34°C and in the shade, a whopping 27°C, although on average it was about 23°C. There was always the slightest of breezes which made it comfortable but in a word it was GORGEOUS.

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Tenerife News in brief

⭕ The weekend weather caused many problems for residents of Garachico when around 65 homes had to be evacuated and a score of mainly elderly neighbours moved from Tomé Cano and Atlántico, on the maritime avenue, to the safety of the municipal sports hall. The strong waves broke the glass on the second floor of another building, and residents moved to the fourth floor, but despite the various incidents, nobody was hurt.

⭕ The old hotel, Mar y Sol that has travelled across Europe via video when the balcony came down was originally built in the 1960s and is now residential. It became the subject of controversy in the nineties, when the then Council spent 600 million pesetas (3.6 million euros), tried to recover the part of the coast it occupies for public use.  The details of which are HERE (in Spanish)  Despite the images we have all seen, the building does not present any structural damage, according to the tests made by the municipal architect.

⭕ The former mayor of Santiago del Teide, two municipal technicians and representatives of Costas are on trial this week for the death of two women when the rock face fell to Los Guios beach in Los Gigantes on 1st November 2009. The prosecutor asks for three years in prison and 14 years of disqualification.

⭕ The vice president of the Government of the Canary Islands, announced yesterday that the work on the double junction of Las Chafiras-Oroteanda, will begin imminently. This is the point of greatest traffic congestion on the island, which sees on average 75,000 vehicles a day.

⭕ The Government of the Canary Islands has called a halt to the construction of a new fire station in Guía de Isora by not responding to the transfer of the building plot requested by the municipality and the island government; the lack of resources in the southwest of Tenerife to cope with emergency situations is pressing, especially in the area with the largest population growth in recent years.

⭕ Hospital del Sur will suffer another delay after a subcontractor responsible for the third phase electrics leaves the site and dismisses 18 workers after late payment of the October payroll and overtime. There is still 35% of the wiring to be completed.

⭕ Four out of 10, holiday homes are in Adeje and Arona but only half of the tourist rentals advertised on digital platforms have been registered with the Tenerife Administration and are therefore illegal. This means, in reality, a total of 52,435 places are offered in this way compared to about 26,400 which are declared. French, Italian and German are the main nationalities who opt for this type of accommodation followed by Irish, Dutch and Belgians.

⭕ The Royal Hideaway Corales Resort hotel, managed by the Barceló company in La Caleta, was chosen as the “best new luxury hotel in the world”, during the award ceremony of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, held in Bali (Indonesia).

⭕ Santa Cruz has been distinguished with the child-friendly recognition of Ciudad Amiga de la Infancia by the Spanish committee of Unicef. This distinction recognises the city as a place that strives to improve the living conditions of children and adolescents, through the promotion and implementation of effective municipal policies that guarantee their development.

⭕ Two Tenerife promotional videos, Memories of a Destination and Where? Tenerife have both been nominated for prizes as among the best in the world at the International Tourist Film Festivals (Cifft). Memories of a Destination has managed to position itself at number nine, and Where? Tenerife, at number 18. So far the two audiovisual pieces have received a multitude of awards in different contests.

⭕ A model born in Tenerife and living in Lanzarote, Macu Herrera will represent the Canary Islands in the beauty contest ‘Mrs Universe 2018’, which will be held in Cebu (Philippines) from December 4 to 12.

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