Self catering in Tenerife

If you’re on a budget, Tenerife hotels can seem very expensive if you’re only looking at luxury five star resort complexes or all inclusive accommodation. An alternative way to spend time in Tenerife, and one that can save you money so you have more to spend on fun, is to investigate self catering options.

As well as saving on the budget, self catering holidays work very well for people who don’t want to be tied down at all to the schedule of others. If you want to eat when you’re hungry, stay in when you’re tired and go out when you want to party, or even disappear for a few days at a time, self catering will appeal. There are various options for self catering in Tenerife, and one of them is sure to suit your party if this type of holiday is what you are looking for.

Apartments are often let out by the owners. Many are owned as holiday homes that are not lived in all year round and are let out when the owners aren’t using them themselves. They’re most likely well furnished and equipped, offering a good standard of accommodation that you can make your home from home. You’ll find apartments to rent in the short term all over Tenerife, close to the beach and further inland or in town.

Villas have similar benefits to apartments with the added bonus of outdoor space that’s private. Villas may fall into one of two categories: those that are privately owned and let out by the owner, or those belonging to hotel chains and situated within resort grounds. Resort villas offer all the advantages of hotels in Tenerife is that you get all the hotel amenities on the doorstep but also have your own private place to retreat to when you feel like it.

Self catering is often thought of as the cheap alternative but this does it a disservice as many people prefer the freedom it offers. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re tied to the kitchen or have all the domestic chores of home since many people in self catering accommodation eat out at every meal, enjoying a diverse, international cuisine in the many restaurants in Tenerife.

So if you’ve done a quick scan of hotels in Tenerife and come to the conclusion that it doesn’t fall in with your budget, take a fresh look and include self catering. You might be surprised at what you find.

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An underwater landscape in north Tenerife

La Rapadura is one of the most amazing underwater landscapes in the seas surrounding the island of Tenerife. The La Quinta ridge, close to the village with the same name in northern Tenerife, plummets 120 metres until reaching the sea bed. Beneath the surface, the rocky platform continues to fall sharply, but with a completely different appearance: the sea has cracked the rock into huge perfect prismatic blocks that jut out at different levels, like an organ in a cathedral.

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The new 5* kid on the block.

From hole in the ground to luxury hotel – the GL Victoria Suite Hotel. Bookings are now being taken on the website for 1st February 2018 and it will cost you almost €500 per night after discounts.

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