Tradition and gastronomy in Guía de Isora

Wednesday the 26th is World Tourism Day and there is an open invitation to attend the traditional market in Playa San Juan where there will be tasting of typical local food; healthy cocktails and folk music from the group Parranderos de Tágara.

The event will take place between 10 am and 1 pm at the Paseo del Bufadero in Playa San Juan.

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HiperDino gives away prizes in ‘Anniversary for All’

From today until October 24, HiperDino launches a ‘Scratchcard’ giving customers a chance to win one of 150,000 prizes.

The HiperDino chain celebrates its anniversary and wants to thank consumers for their trust and loyalty which has allowed the group to continue growing and giving jobs to more than 7,000 Canarian families. Yesterday in a statement from the company they announced that from today until October 24 for every €30 spent in any of the HiperDino and SuperDino establishments, the customer will receive a Scratchcard with which they can win prizes. These include discount vouchers for store purchases; IPhone phones; consoles and PlayStations; Roomba vacuum cleaners; subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify; stuffed animals. In addition, the customer can participate in the draw for 5 trips to Disneyland Paris for 4 people. To do this, you must visit the website  HERE and complete your details. At the end of the campaign, the names of the prizewinners will be announced.

HiperDino also has an online presence and has launched its new Instagram account @hiperdino_  alongside its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn profiles. The company wants to encourage more people, especially the young to be aware of their brands and to encourage participation in his new Instagram profile, HiperDino will raffle a weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife for 4 people.

Currently, the company has some 57 stores of HiperDino, 91 of SuperDino and 77 of HiperDino Express spread over five of the eight Canary Islands so there is bound to be one near you.

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Hail on Teide

I said in my weather update this morning that yesterday although very overcast was hot and sticky, but that was just here.  In other places it was very different – Facebook friend Pauline Wallace who lives further west in Guia de Isora has just messaged to say

We had a good downpour of rain up here in the mountains… Thunder rolling around for about an hour, There was enough rain to wash the dust off the plants and blinds.. had to tip the rain out a few times!! Then it all cleared away and went hot again. The temps didn’t drop below 25c during all the rain.

And if we had gone up to Teide we could have seen hail, so much it almost looks like snow!

The hailstorm is due to pronounced instability in the highest areas of the island, coupled with a weakened anticyclone from the Azores which resulted in up to four cores of tropical storms being formed in the last 24 hours. (No I don´t know what all that means either) but the result made for very pretty photos.

According to one newspaper, in the next two weeks almost anything could happen in the Canary Islands, from a very intense heat episode to the arrival of a tropical storm! (they didn’t say it came from Aemet) so it is a case of wait and see but we could be in for something special taking place. 🙂

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