Weather 19th October 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

I’m very late with reporting today’s weather, as I have just said to a friend, eye ointment dispensed to two dogs, and heart tablets and antibiotics to one then a treat for being brave girls – I feel like ‘Supervet’.

Anyway back to today, temperatures started off at a very pleasant 23°C but are now climbing rapidly and it is 27°C.  The sky is blue and almost cloudless and the sun is casting long shadows.

We had to go back to our vet in Costa del Silencio yesterday to have Marti checked out as she had her eye removed on Monday due to glaucoma. She doesn´t look great but at least is on the mend and is no longer in pain. But while there we took a short walk and enjoyed the sunshine and the slight breeze that came along the road. Once home, it was a lazy day sitting in the sunshine having lots of cuddles from my little girl. Then at 6.30pm a few grey clouds came overhead and the enjoyable breeze suddenly had an edge to it.


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Video, Lazy River and Shark Tank – Siam Park

For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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Brits living in Adeje will continue to be ‘Adejeros’

Mr Tim Hemmings, deputy head of Mission to the British Embassy, Madrid, in Adeje today 18th October.

To a packed meeting of British nationals resident in Adeje and other parts of South Tenerife, the deputy head of mission at the British Embassy, Mr Tim Hemmings was able to reassure those present that they were not about to be “kicked out of Spain”, and that, in line with recent and on-going conversations he and his team were having with government representatives both in the UK and Spain, the rights of British residents in Spain (and other parts of the EU) continued to be one of the top priorities in the Brexit negotiations.

Mr Hemmings was in Adeje with Charmaine Arbouin, the Consul for Southern Spain and the Canary Islands and Helen Keating, vice-consul in Tenerife. Prior to the public meeting the delegation were officially welcomed to the borough by the Adeje councillor for the presidency and deputy mayor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera.

The Adeje councillor said, “Adeje is a borough where over 120 different nationalities live together, side by side, in harmony and with no problems”, and saw no reason why that would not continue to be the case. She also stressed the importance of being on the ‘padrón’, the resident’s register, “and making sure you renew your existence on the padrón when you are required to”.

Over 80 British nationals, resident here in South Tenerife, attended the public part of Mr Hemming’s visit, where he spoke to assure people that the rights of British people who had chosen to live abroad was genuinely the UK government’s Nº1 priority. He outlined the current negotiations in as far as was relevant, stressing how many areas of agreement there were now between the British Government and the EU team, before opening up the floor to questions. People were concerned about a range of issues, from taxation rights to pensions, passports and the possibility of dual nationality (currently not possible), and the likelihood of needing visas to travel to and from Spain in the future, and Mr Hemmings and the other members of the delegation dealt effectively with all the questions asked.

Following the meeting those who had attended said they certainly felt their principal questions had been answered and were grateful for the chance to meet with the Embassy representative. For his part Mr Hemmings stressed the importance of keeping the consul and the Embassy up to date on the public’s concerns about the negotiations as, given the large number of Britons living in Spain, the UK government do pay particular attention to the views coming from this country.

For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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