Today’s Coronavirus News in brief

⭕ Five people died in the last 24 hours with coronavirus in the Canary Islands that brings the accumulated deaths so far this week to 45. However, the lowest number of new infections was also detected 27 along with a total of 20 patients being discharged yesterday, increasing the number of people who have been cured from 137 to 157.

⭕ Excellent news comes from Dr Lluis Serra, professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the ULPGC: “The Canary Islands have already passed the peak and the curve is going down.” In all probability, we will be the first to return to “normal” in our country.

⭕ The Ministry of Health has transferred 13 users from the Nursing Home San Marcos de Tegueste to various hospital centres as an exceptional measure to deal with the situation in this centre, in which five deaths have occurred. In addition to transferring the users, the centre has been cleaned and disinfected by the UME.

⭕ President Pedro Sánchez has announced the distribution of over a million COVID-19 tests throughout the country to embark on mass testing in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. The tests are on the way to every region and the health authorities aim to carry out at least 20,000 tests a day.

⭕ The Ministry of Health has confirmed that it will ensure that face masks are available for everyone should they make face masks compulsory. In an interview, the Minister, Salvador Illa, said it will not make the use of face masks compulsory unless the public can easily access them.

⭕ The Government asked this Sunday all the autonomous communities to provide before this Wednesday, April 8, “all the information” on the situation of nursing homes, whether public or private where thousands of elderly people have tested positive and many died in the last weeks. The data that must be reported will be unified and updated every Tuesday and Friday before 9:00 p.m to the Ministry of Health.

⭕ The largest private healthcare company in the Canary Islands, the Hospiten group, has dispensed with nursing professionals amid the crisis declared by the spread of COVID-19 disease. The company has, in addition to Hospiten Sur, in Arona, the Hospiten Bellevue, in Puerto de la Cruz and Hospiten Rambla, in the capital, and has terminated the employment relationship with workers who responded to the profile of recent graduates, who had been in practices less than two months. Despite the hospital being asked, “how in a health emergency situation resources are diminished instead of being reinforced in the face of a foreseeable saturation”. The business group has not answered the questions posed including the one regarding the number of workers affected by this situation.

⭕ A Tenerife company has been waiting for the authorization from Sanidad to manufacture disinfectant as it has ingredients to make 40,000 kilos, The company, with more than 35 years of experience in the sector, has been waiting for weeks for a response that has not yet come despite the fact that it has all the papers in order and complies with the production conditions.

⭕ Canarians wants to show once again their most emphatic rejection and condemnation against the atrocity and horror of violence against women and especially against the murders of women and their children, at the hands of their partners and ex-partners. To this end, UGT calls for more protection mechanisms for victims of gender violence during the state of alarm.


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Distribution of COVID-19 in the Canary Islands

The Canarian Ministry of Health has published for the first time a detailed report on coronavirus cases throughout the autonomous community, even differentiating by municipality.

The data is updated with the date of midnight on Saturday, April 4 and for those who don’t like downloading links to your devices I have copied each page of the information below, (if you have a problem reading the image click and it will enlarge) however, the original should you want to download it is HERE

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Today’s Coronavirus News @ 18.00

⭕ Diario SUR and the rest of the Vocento newspapers have decided to stop participating in government press conferences which relate to the COVID-19 crisis as they protest against the filtering questions. They say this prevents journalists from freely asking their own questions and it also prevents direct honest answers from the spokesperson. After conveying their disagreement to Moncloa which was backed by over 500 journalists and dozens of media outlets, the Vocento newspapers have decided to stop participating.

⭕ The Government plans to isolate the asymptomatic positives from their families and place them in hotels and sports centres. They are already working on it, based on the recommendations of the scientific community, and President Pedro Sánchez has asked the Autonomous Communities that before April 10th to provide a list of public and private infrastructures that can be equipped to accommodate asymptomatic people who test positive. They call it the “de-escalation phase” and, according to Sánchez, it is a matter of preparing suitable accommodation that can be used that has conditions of comfort, hygiene and food for those to be isolated.

⭕ The Director of Health Service, says the hospitals across the islands are coping well, but face their toughest time so far in preparing for the spike in the number of hospitalised patients that is expected to peak next week. Antonio Olivera explained, it is planned to have “more beds and staff available” with which to attend the possible influx of patients. It is well known that Tenerife has the most hospital pressure due to size but there is still a good degree of leeway for response to what they may face. Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Palma have not reached the level of Tenerife but right now they too can cope with any adverse circumstances.

⭕ The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has announced that a new aircraft, the third this week, will land today with a new shipment of medical equipment from China which has been purchased by the Canary Islands Executive at a cost of €21 million.

⭕ Ángel Víctor Torres, admitted at a press conference today that it is foreseeable that, normality in hotels will be reached in early 2021, since “obviously they will not be able to open without clients.” He has also pointed out that, as long as the alarm is in place air connections will remain closed. He considers that if residents on the islands return to normal in summer, they may be the first to help revive the tourism sector. The president also pointed out, there will be normality sooner or later because the Canary Islands is a safe tourist destination and enjoys quality health.

⭕ The Canary Islands President Víctor Torres has asked that the health situation derived from the coronavirus existing in the Archipelago be taken into account and, that confinement in those islands with few infected people be softened. He indicated that, for example, in La Graciosa, there is no infected person and in El Hierro, very few, and La Gomera is in a similar situation, with only eight accumulated cases. For this reason, he asked that, from April 26, the possibility of recovering normality be considered although he recognized the difficulty of making different decisions for each autonomous community. The President believes that “confinement is going well” and that it must be maintained for the next two weeks so as not to collapse hospitals and to overcome the current situation.


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