Weather 20th May 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

This will be the last weather update for a while, we go on holiday in a couple of days and what with hair and nails to be done, and all the last minute washing and ironing I am going to relax a little before we get away. So for now the weather is………. OMG,

Cloudy again, looks like rain and only 17°C but hopefully going to improve.

Yesterday started sunny and bright but by 2.00pm it was cool and very overcast, with temperatures of just 21°C.

The forecast for next week, is that both the north and south show cloud and as the week moves on there is a chance of showers, these could be heavy on Wednesday wherever you happen to be. What on earth has happened to the weather by this time of year it is usually glorious.

Arona / Adeje

Puerto de la Cruz

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Mercado Municipal Nuestra Senora de Africa – Santa Cruz

Nuestra Señora de Africa (Our Lady of Africa Market in English) in Santa Cruz, popularly known as La Recova is 75 years old and was built to replace the old Recova, now an art centre.

The Recova Vieja, located in the plaza of the Isla de La Madera, next to the Guimerá Theatre, had become too small and many of the traders in the current market either traded or had a relative who traded in the old market.

The new market was inaugurated in 1943, the building being commissioned by the Captain General of the Canary Islands, General Ricardo Serrador, the name. According to the press of the time was named in memory of his wife.

The market is one of the most important commercial centres of the city it not only offers the best fresh produce, but is also a social meeting point. In addition, it promotes sectors such as agriculture, traditional livestock or crafts. It also stands out as a tourist attraction with its emblematic building.

La Recova has always been a meeting point for chicharreros. GIVES

For anyone who hasn’t been you can see what you are missing in the video.

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Weather 19th May 2018 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

As the sun comes over the mountain and reflects on the sea the view is sublime. A beautiful morning, we look set for a lovely weekend, let’s hope it stays.

Yesterday I received a comment on my blog telling me to ‘shut up’ about the weather as I hadn’t anything good to say and made out it was cloudy and cold. The person had been reading TripAdvisor where people said the past couple of days had been sunny and warm. It had to be true as they are currently here on holiday. Needless to say, I couldn’t be bothered to answer but did wonder why those saying how nice it was never posted pictures to back up their claims. So today instead of posting my comments on what yesterday was like I pinched Tom Freret’s pictures that he posted on Facebook yesterday. Says it all really! On a brighter note the sun did put in an appearance at 6.30pm and we had a nice evening.

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