“April, Month of Wine”

The municipality of Tegueste becomes a gastronomic epicentre with the celebration of the twelfth edition of the Wine and Tapa Route, a traditional event included in the “April, Month of Wine” program.

On this occasion there will be up to 14 establishments that take part in the route, these are: Bar La Cabaña. Rincón de Marino, Bar Cafetería Las Rosetas, Bodegón Brasas El Parral, Tasca La Viña, Restaurante El Ministro, Zenobio Casa de Comidas, Restaurante Tentados, Cafetería Antiguo Surtidor, Pizzería Te Gusta, Pizzería Dagigi, Bar Cafetería Mencey Tegueste, The Rumors Gastrobar, Restaurante Mauro y La Cantina del Mercadillo.

The wineries that will participate in this year’s edition La Jalada, El Púlpito, L’Ambora, Jesús Hernández González, La Zafra, Lomo Sapiens (red and white), Barreto, Mederos, Zapatero, Mateo Gutiérrez González, Llano El Pino, Carlos Rodríguez Gutiérrez and La Collera. A selection that will allow visitors to tour the different neighbourhoods of the municipality.

The tapa plus a glass of wine will be priced at €3. People who complete the entire route will get a gift.


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Enfusion Tenerife & Spanish Bantamweight Boxing Championship

Recinto Ferial will host the Tenerife Isla del Deporte event on March 30 and 31, a contact sports initiative by Enfusion Tenerife and the Spanish Bantamweight Boxing Championship that will reach more than 80 countries through different media.

The main attraction on Saturday 30th will be Tenerife’s Jonay Risco and Loren Jorge against Thai Superbon and Ulrik Bokeme, respectively, fighting for the Enfusion League and €200,000.

On Sunday 31st will take place the Spanish Bantamweight Championship between Caco Barreto from Tenerife and the Gran Canarian Nano Santana under the supervision of the Spanish Boxing Federation. This is an opportunity for fans to attend one of the great events in the history of Boxing in the Canary Islands. 2 Canarians, 1 Derby, 1 Champion belt of Spain, united in a fight that will decide the best Gallo in the country, a dream day when you cannot ask for more. There will be three international judges, one from Tenerife and two from Andalusia.

Jacobo Barreto “Caco” is the local boxer who will have huge support. He has experience of this title and has a record of 10 wins (4 KO) 2 defeats, giving him almost double the experience of his rival.

Jonathan Santana “Nano” will be the outsider but he will also have a lot of fans to cheer him on since he is from Gran Canaria. He has a record of 6 victories (1 KO) 1 defeat and while he has less experience than its rival, not being the favourite means less pressure which is why his morale is high.

Tenerife Isla del Deporte will also feature a prominent role for women. The Spanish Champion, Canarian Patricia Martín Cabrera will face Galician Olga Vázquez, the National runner-up.

Enfusion Tenerife will hold technical conferences each day in the auditorium organized by the Canarian Boxing Federation. The days are free (until full capacity is reached) but requires prior registration by email to info@recintoferialdetenerife.com

The days will feature the Puerto Rican, Orlando Cruz telling the story of his boxing life. Also featured will be Italian world champion, Emiliano Marsili, who will tell about his experience in the world of sports.

Tickets can be purchased at Sports Health (Plaza Weyler, Puerto de la Cruz and Las Chafiras) for 16 boxing matches plus the main fights
Prices: Saturday, March 30 at 18: 30 – €20.00
Sunday, March 31 at 17:00 – €15.00
Two day bonus: €30

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A turbo roundabout will unclog the access road to Los Cristianos

Infographics of the new turbo roundabout at the entrance to the Los Cristianos nucleus.

It is estimated 35,000 vehicles use this area of Los Cristianos each day so a turbo roundabout will unblock the traffic that is suffered by the tourist centre Los Cristianos, especially in the direction from Las Americas to Los Cristianos.

The new roundabout, which has an investment of 1, 5 million euros, will not only improve the flow of traffic in the area but also will greatly boost road safety. The Strategic Framework of Insular Development (MEDI) 2016-2025, is in charge of carrying out the work, which is currently being processed. If the bureaucratic paperwork does not slow down the performance, the Turbo Rotunda Aronera could be a reality in 2020.

This would be the first turbo roundabout in the south of the island. It is foreseen that once tendered, the works can begin this year, in the summer and it is expected to take around eight months, which means that at the beginning of next year it should be ready.

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