The Cabildo organizes five free guided tours

The Island Director of Historical Heritage of Tenerife, Emilio Fariña, has launched the initiative ‘Guided routes through our historical heritage’ in order to “offer the general population, of all ages, residents and tourists, the opportunity to learn about the history behind each of the corners that we will visit during pleasant walks through five municipalities of the island”. A free bus service from the capital of Tenerife will also be provided for those registered.

The first of the routes will take place on 30 October, under the name ‘La Villa y Puerto de Garachico una arquitectura ante la adversidad’ (The town and port of Garachico, architecture in the face of adversity). Registration is already open at . It aims to show those who sign up why the Villa and Port of Garachico was the nerve centre of trade in Tenerife, as it was one of the most important ports on the island in the 16th century. “What we intend with this route is to give first-hand knowledge of the architecture of the municipality and how it developed, through an educational and entertaining tour,” said Fariña.

The second route, ‘The splendour of the Port of La Orotava: the 18th century’ will take place on 13th November and aims to show how, after the difficulties that Garachico had to face, after being buried by the Trevejo or Arenas Negras volcano in 1706, the old Port of Arautapala re-emerged. “It is a matter of extreme sensitivity at the moment, we are aware, as a consequence of what is happening in La Palma, so we believe it may be important to know this part of our history”.

Al pasar el zaguán, los patios del antiguo Realejo de Arriba’ will be the route that will take place on 14th November, through one of the most transformed historical sites on the island of Tenerife, which preserves a considerable number of traditional houses.

On the 21st of November, the route entitled ‘Singularities of a historical complex: Icod de los Vinos will take place, which will cover the centre of the municipality, which conserves a variety of architecture that allow us to take a tour of the different artistic styles from the 17th to the 20th century.

The last of the routes will take place on 27 November, in Güímar, under the title ‘Typologies of heritage protection in a historical place’, whose itinerary will cover different Assets of Cultural Interest and will start from its nerve centre, the parish church of San Pedro, and will end in the area of Chinguaro, where tradition marks the first steps of the devotion to Our Lady of Candelaria.

Registration for the first route is already open, and the rest will be activated in the coming days, on the website If you have any questions, you can call 696.568.419 from 9:00 to 20:00 hours.

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Approved National Holidays of 2022

The 2022 work calendar includes a total of 12 national holidays, one more than in 2021, of which only 8 will be celebrated jointly throughout Spain, according to a resolution of the General Directorate of Labor published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

Specifically, the 8 days that will be a holiday throughout Spain in 2022 are:

Saturday January 1 (New Year),
Thursday January 6 (Epiphany of the Lord),
Friday April 15 (Good Friday),
Monday 15 August (Asunción de la Virgen),
Wednesday October 12 (National Holiday of Spain),
Tuesday November 1 (All Saints),
Tuesday December 6 (Spanish Constitution Day)
Thursday December 8 (Immaculate Conception).

On four other common holidays, Thursday, April 14 (Holy Thursday), Monday, May 2 (the Monday following the Labor Festival), Monday, July 25 (Santiago Apóstol), and December 26 (the Monday following the Natividad del Señor), the autonomous communities can move their celebration and some have, so it will not be a party in all of Spain.

In the case of Epiphany, 6 January, which can also be substituted, all the autonomous communities have maintained it.

The 26th of December will be a holiday in the Canary Islands.

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Update on La Palma

As regular readers know I have stayed away from what is happening in La Palma. My belief is that there are enough people who are spending numerous hours each day constantly reporting the events as though they were running a tv series and just waiting for the next cliff-hanger.

However with the part of the main cone collapsing this morning. (See video) I felt it not unreasonable to post the recommendations that have been issued by Pevolca for those who find themselves in a tremor situation.

They say take preventive measures, which I believe are mostly common sense, but will hopefully reassure those that have concerns.


  • Go to open spaces
  • Stay away from buildings, balconies, traffic lights, lampposts, power lines and trees
  • Stay away from areas where there is a danger of landslides
  • Follow the recommendations of the authorities and get information only through official channels and the media.
  • If you are in a vehicle, slow down and stop the engine as soon as possible. Turn on the emergency indicators and stay in the vehicle until the earthquake is over.


  • For the duration of the quake, do not go outside
  • Take cover under a solid piece of furniture, such as a table.
  • Do not stand near windows.
  • If you have to leave your home, turn off water, electricity and gas.
  • In case of evacuation, take the stairs and do not use the lift.
  • Follow the recommendations of the authorities and get information through official channels and the media.

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