6th class students from CEIP Fañabé on air!

The students from 6th class in Fañabe primary school recently completed a month-long course in radio organised by the Adeje council. During the course they learnt about how this medium of communication works, how to understand the messages transmitted and how to create, write and record messages for radio. The students also had a practical day visiting the Radio Sur 107.9FM studios in the Adeje cultural centre and the press centre.

The initiative was jointly run by the departments of communication and education under councillors Zebenzui Chinea Linares and Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, who agreed on the “need to improve the community skills of the students at this stage in their education and before they enter secondary school”, adding that the students were learning about the importance of constructing and designing a message for communication.

The course was run in two sections; theoretic and practical, with the students, on the final day, preparing a series of radio announcements and publicity spots and recording them in the radio station.  During the course the importance of reading as a tool in improving word use and adaption was also emphasised.  They also examined how news stories and adverts for radio are constructed.

The 26 students who took part in the course, and the professors from the Fañabe school, were extremely pleased with the results of what was, in essence, a pilot project, with all seeing benefits from the experience. The councillors said “with this course the council is continuing to allow students experience work practises and allow them see the workings of the local administration too”.

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Photo Competition – The Tajinaste has blossomed!

The tajinaste,  an endemic plant species typical of the Canary Islands that can reach up to three meters in height. Its name comes from the guanche language and means needle.

It blooms every spring, when you can see a contrast of colours between the dark tones of the lava and the striking shades of the flower.


There are several varieties of tajinastes, such as:

  • Blue Tajinaste;  Shrub with flowers of blue, fuchsia or white, that grows in the shape of cone.

Shutterstock_175964378 (2)

  • Tajinaste blanco; Robust cone-shaped bush with a white and blue corolla.


  • Red Tajinaste; A form similar to a spear, endemic of the island of Tenerife. It is only found in the Teide National Park, hence it is known as Teide red tajinaste.


Photo Contest Tajinaste

If you are passionate about photography and want to spread and promote respect for the environment, and promote the native flora of the Canary Islands, participate in the contest “The flowering of the tajinaste.” Held for the third consecutive year in Tenerife. For more information 👉 Tajinaste photo contest

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In the borough of Puerto de la Cruz we find a typical Canary house painted yellow (hence its name) which, at first sight, does not seem very different from many we can find all over the island but that, nevertheless, it has an interesting story, as it was the first centre for primate study in the world.

It started out as the Anthropoid Research Station of Tenerife (EAT) and was active for seven years (1913 to 1920), although research was conducted in this house until 1918, and then moved to the facilities of El Ciprés, in La Orotava.

The project was promoted by the Prussian Academy of Sciences of Berlin and headed by famous researcher Wolfgang Köhler who, as a result of the work conducted in this centre, wrote “The Mentality of Apes”. Today, the house is almost derelict and requires important restoration work.

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